Husband’s Response To Photoshopped Images Of Wife Remind Us ‘Our Loved Ones Adore Us Just As We Are’

One doting husband has reminded us all that our unique “imperfections” are what make us beautiful. The man’s wife presented him with a series of sexy images of herself, which she had asked a photographer to take in a bid to “spice up” their marriage. His wife had asked the photographer to Photoshop out her […]

These Unstaged Photos Of Couples Canoodling Will Change Your Mind About Public Displays Of Affection

Public displays of affection often get a bad rep. But one photographer has made us look at loved-up couples in a whole new light. In his ongoing series ‘Street Love’, photographer Mikaël Theimer snaps unsuspecting couples getting up close and personal – and the images will make even the greatest cynic feel warm and fuzzy […]

Couple Reunited With Engagement Photo Taken By Stranger In Iceland Thanks To Power Of Social Media

When a couple got engaged in Iceland recently they were delighted that a stranger captured the proposal on camera. But in the post-proposal excitement Michael Kent, from County Durham, misspelled his email address as he gave it to the photographer, Jessica Bowe. Later that evening, both parties realised the mistake and that they may never […]

Divorce Cakes Are Helping People Celebrate Marital Breakdown (Because Cake Solves All)

Occasions are deserving of cake. There’s no two ways about it. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, christenings or baby showers, chances are cake will be present. So why shouldn’t the same be said for divorce? Now, a handful of Instagram users have taken to sharing their divorce cake creations, which have helped them celebrate the end […]

‘Domestic Violence Is No Laughing Matter’: Couple From Viral ‘Nurse Hero’ Facebook Post Slammed For ‘Funny’ Knife Video

When Bobby Wesson shared a photo of his wife, calling her a “hero” for her hard work and long hours as a nurse, he melted hearts across the world wide web. The post quickly went viral, with more than 700,000 likes (and counting), and Wesson says he has received tons of Facebook friend requests and […]